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The Best Safe Boxes in Singapore

This is a block description. To edit, click and type the text or replace it with your own custom contentPurchasing a Safe box in Singapore can be a great way to protect your valuables. There are a variety of models on the market today, and there is something to suit everyone. In this article, we'll take a look at the YALE Medium Sized Digital Safe, SentrySafe Security Safe X125, NIKAWA Small Digital Safety Safe, and JIJI SG MiniSafe Box. safe box singapore

YALE Medium Sized Digital Safe

The YALE Electronic Safe is a highly secure home safe for your important papers, jewelry, and more. Its passcode lock and electronic locker will ensure that nobody else can access the contents. These models come with robust security features, including a secret input option and up to 48 hours of total lockdown mode. The Yale Electronic Safe is incredibly difficult to break into, and even if you do manage to crack the code, the lock will lock you out.

SentrySafe Security Safe X125

When it comes to protecting valuables, the SentrySafe Security Safe X125 is the perfect choice. With a secure electronic lock, a removable shelf, and a pry-resistant door, the safe is UL-certified and designed for high-risk environments. This safe has three compartments, each of which is designed to protect up to 750 pieces of valuable material, and it weighs just 14 KG.

NIKAWA Small Digital Safe

Having a safe box in your home or office is a must. There are several varieties in Singapore, and all of them feature useful features and advanced technology. To keep your valuables safe, look for safe boxes that are fire, water, and impact resistant, and those that have dual key authorization. Some of the best safe boxes in Singapore are listed below. Let's take a look at each of them!

JIJI SG Mini Safe Box

The JIJI SG Mini Safe Box is a compact, lightweight safe. Its low-carbon steel construction makes it durable and drill-resistant. This safe has a fingerprint and passcode scanner, which means you can easily access it using your fingerprint or passcode. The safe comes with two keys: a master and an emergency, and includes a user manual. For added peace of mind, the JIJI SG Mini Safe Box can be paired with a security system to store all of your important documents.

SafeKeeper Fire Resistant Safe Box

The SafeKeeper Fire Resistant Safety Box is made to withstand a fire and is suitable for both home and office use. Its fire protection feature is impressive, with an internal temperature of up to 840degC. Its keypad can also be programmed with up to 8 digits for added security. In addition, this box is easily opened using a digital lock or a user or master key.

Eagle Safe

Eagle Safes is a leading brand of safes that introduces new concepts in the market and sets the standard for high-quality safes. Besides providing security, these safes are easy to use and have features that make them desirable. Founded in 1973 by Y.H. Kim, the company has become one of the most popular brands in the world. Here are some of its most noteworthy features. All Eagle Safes come with an original receipt and the safe is durable.